As investment and restructuring specialists, we help companies in crises and during turnarounds. We are convinced that sustainable restructuring is a viable option in many cases – including those that require the tools provided by insolvency law. Such restructuring involves rapid, goal-oriented dialog with the managers and shareholders of the affected company to determine whether it is suitable for restructuring and in particular the business model (e.g. closure of some areas) to ensure its continued existence.

The process depends on the agreement of a clear restructuring strategy and its consistent implementation by all those involved following professional project and time management. Such activities must take the criteria and different interests of decision makers and stakeholders (e.g. business partners, creditors, employees) into account regularly. In our experience, restructuring of this kind requires the involvement of a third party that can actively manage the process and bring the stakeholders together, in order to achieve a constructive restructuring process.

Offering a variety of integrated services, sbc helps companies to overcome crises and return to profitability. Among other things, our portfolio includes:  

  • The provision of restructuring concepts and assessments
  • Involvement in the implementation process
  • The provision of an active interim management team

We help shareholders and managers in the affected company negotiate a reorganization and restructuring concept with business partners, creditors and employee representatives. sbc will help you achieve a turnaround.

Process for integrated restructuring and reorganization consultancy